Meat traceability

A panel of 17 microsatellite loci accepted internationally by ISAG is available. It consists of obtaining the unique and unrepeatable genetic identification for each animal.

The allele nomenclature have been adjusted to the reference sample from the 2016-2017 ISAG Cattle DNA International Comparison Test.

International Comparison Test ISAG 2016-2017.pdf  

BM1818 BM1824 BM2113 CSRM60 ETH10 ETH185 ETH225 ETH3 ILSTS006
INRA005 INRA063 INRA23 SPS115 TGLA122 TGLA126 TGLA227 TGLA53  
17 Loci Microsatellite Panel

1. Reference sample
2. Verification or Control sample
3. DNA extraction and sample laboratorial processing
4. Genotype result in reference sample
5. Genotype result in verification or control sample
6. Comparison results: traceability verification
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